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Lesson Plan Web Sites

"A Date Which Will Live In Infamy", Lesson Plan

A lesson plan for JS students on Roosevelt's war declaration. Includes the background, objectives, Teaching Activities, links to the relevant document, Listening Skills with links to audio files, and Further Investigations. Excellent

World History, Lesson Plans

A list of lesson plans for K-12 students on World War II and the Holocaust. Excellent

World War II, The Holocaust And The Atomic Bomb, Lesson Plans

A list of links to 34 lesson plans on World War II. Follow the links to the lesson plans for the Holocaust and for the Atomic Bomb. Covers lesson plans with all sorts of activities and approaches. Excellent

The Causes Of World War II, Lesson Plan

A lesson plan for grades 10-12 on the causes of World War II. Very Good

World War II Floor Map, Lesson Plan

Lesson plan for grades 11-12 in which students make a floor map of the countries involved in World War II and present them and their positions. Very Good

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