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German Contemporary War Photos

Photos taken by the Germans during the war. Sections include:Army (Portraits, In Action, Tanks), Airforce (Portraits, In Action, Airplanes), Navy (Portraits, In Action, Ships), Waffen-SS (Portraits, In Action, Tanks), Others, Colorphotos, Photoalbums, Knight's Cross Holders and more. Good

Gun Batteries Of San Francisco

Little has been written about the coastal defenses constructed during the war to defend our coasts against invasion. This site details the gun batteries of San Francisco, giving the history of each and photos of each during the war and as it looks today. Good

Planes And Pilots Of World War II

An online World War II aviation history magazine with a long list of articles online. Good

The U-Boat War - 1939-1945

Dedicated to the U-boats of Germany and the men who served in them. Sections include: The Boats, the Men, the Books, and more. Very Good

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