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The German Atlantikwall was the last major defense line of the 20
thcentury and World War II. It was a line of defenses such as bunkers on the coasts of France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway and Denmark. Over 14,000 concrete bunkers were built to repel invasion. Includes The Atlantikwall Buildings, the Atlantikwall Today, Map of Europe, History and more. Good

The Battle Of Britain

The official RAF site chronicling the air battle over Britain from July 10 to October 31, 1940. This decisive battle fought off the intended invasion of Britain. Sections include: Roll of Honour, Daily Reports, Air Power, Links & Events, Background, Commanders, Units & Stations, Gallery and the RAF Main Page. Good

British Submarines Of World War II

Histories of the war barely mention the work of the submarines deployed by Great Britain in World War II. They served in some of the most dangerous areas and most never returned. This is a complete list of the submarines, details of their missions and their fates where known. Good

General Douglas Macarthur

A tribute to the hero of the war in the Pacific. Includes the speeches of Douglas MacArthur, Photos, Weapons, a
nd more. Good

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