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World War II Color Pictures

Although few people realize it, color film was developed at the end of the 1930's and many developments in color photography were made with military use. This site shows color photos of the war. Sections include: Naval, Today, Aerial, Black & White, Ground, Various, and Propaganda. Photos include pictures of weapons, planes, people and artifacts. Several of the photos were taken by the Germans including photos of Hitler and propaganda rallies. This site offers a new prospective on a war most of us have only seen in black and white. Outstanding. Excellent

World War II Commemoration

The Grolier online section on World War II includes the Story of World War II, Biographies & Articles, Air Combat Films,Photographs, World War II History Test, and Links. Excellent

World War II Links-A Gateway Site

A huge list of links on World War II. Search by topic. START HERE Excellent

World War II Resources-A Gateway Site

Links to primary source materials on the web: Words of Peace, Words of War (speeches, declarations, treaties); The Color Books (British War Blue Book); Diplomatic Documents; Nazi-Soviet Relations 1939-1941; Chronology of International Events; the Japanese Monographs; Time Line of WW II; Major Conferences of World War II; The Pearl Harbor Attack Hearings; and many, many more. A huge site with links to hundreds of documents. Outstanding. Excellent

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