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The Midnight Watch

A site dedicated to the thousands who served on the British homefront during the war and the over 60,000 men, women and children who lost their lives. Sections include: Air Raid Precautions, Evacuation, the Fire Service, Home Guard Pages, National Registration, Rationing in Wartime, Women's Voluntary Service, Photo Gallery, Homefront Badges, and Homefront links. The section on rationing is especially informative. An outstanding site. Excellent n

Private Art - World War II Letters To And From The Homefront

An extensive archive of letters to and from a soldier in the war. Private Art Pranger served with the Army in the U.S. and Europe. His letters to and from home have been archived by the date they were written. Click on "The Home Front" at the bottom to get started. Sections include: Meet Private Art, Letter Archive, Private Art Remembers (present-day memories), Soldier Scrapbook (photos of artifacts) and more. An outstanding site. Excellent

Rutgers Oral History Archives Of World War II

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An archive of interviews with men and women veterans of World War II who served both at home and overseas. There are 152 interviews. Sections include: Interviews, Units They Served In, Picture Gallery, Patches, Medals, Memorials, and more. Excellent

The Second World War America Audio & Video Archive

A huge archive of sound and video clips from the war. Sections include: Christmas Broadcasts, North Africa, Aircraft, Orphan Ann (Tokyo Rose), General "Hap" Arnold, Asia and the Pacific, Atomic Bombings, General Omar Bradley, Propaganda Broadcasts, War Cartoons, the Fall of Corregidor, D-Day, Martin Dies, General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Europe's Liberation, Admiral James Forrestal, Admiral "Bull" Halsey, Homefront, Iwo Jima, Japanese Internment, Henry Kaiser, Admiral Earnest King, Charles Lindburgh, General Douglas MacArthur, General George Marshall, Battle of Midway, Edward R. Murrow, Admiral Chester Nimitz, the O.S.S., General George Patton, Pearl Harbor Attack, Propaganda Posters, Remagen Bridge, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, Sound Effects, Harry S. Truman, General Jonathon Wainwright, Wake Island, Warships, Miscellaneous. An outstanding site. Excellent

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