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Frankel-Y Speaking

A detailed narrative of the war by Stanley A. Frankel. Frankel served mostly in the south Pacific and many of his letters home were published as news articles. This outstanding account of the war reads more like a novel than a reminiscence and describes military actions. Includes a few photos. Excellent

Hyper War - A Hypertext History Of The Second World War-A Gateway Site

A huge list of links to the text of diplomatic and political papers from World War II. Includes documents, treaties, historical pamphlets and more. Includes sections on the Army, the Army Air Force, the Marines, the Navy, the Pacific Theater of Operations, the European Theater of Operations and more. Excellent

Lost Images Of World War II

Original images of World War II in Europe taken by the author's grandfather during his years of overseas duty. (Note: Includes graphic scenes of the devastation of the war). Sections include: Lost Machines, Lost Places, Lost Faces. Excellent

Market Garden

A brief history of the war leads to the story of Operation Market Garden, an airborne Allied invasion intended to push the Allied advance through Holland and into Germany. Follow the story which includes photos, maps, audio clips, video clips and documents. There are also detailed battle reports, rolls of honor, a photo gallery, brief biographical sketches of the leaders, veterans' memories and much more. A very extensive site. Excellent


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