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New Jersey School Counselor Association
The professional association for school counselors and guidance personnel

Welcome to the New Jersey School Counseling Network

A Division of New Jersey Counseling Association

New Jersey School Counseling Network represents a network of school counselors, school counseling services supervisors, counselor educators, and others who are engaged in activities that have an impact on student success and well being. NJSCN promotes sensitivity to and support of the needs of school counseling services, the coordination of developmental comprehensive counseling programming and networking with school counselors and counselors of other disciplines.

Nutrition, OPCs, for Symptom Relief

I have a dream...

Attention deficit/hyperactivity

CHADD -Attention deficit & hyperactivity

Parenting toolbox

Classroom management

Emotional intelligence

Six Seconds - Learning and Teaching Emotional Intelligence

Giftedness-adult expectations, assessment,tools, behavioral indicators


Activities for Gifted Children Includes links to other resources

Gifted and Disabled

Gun safety for younger children

the Gorp's Gift

Gun Safety and Education Resources

Homework help resources

Interactive Learning

Special education laws in NJ

Substance abuse-Alateen,Alanon

Underachievement-causes, motivation techniques

Virtual careers

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American Academy of Pediatrics Website

Financial Aid for Students


The Daily Apple

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