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Before using a web site with your class, you should take time to judge the information presented. Evaluations completed on this form will be published at Improve Learning's web site and made available for other teachers.
If you provide your name, school and email address, you will receive credit for the evaluation, and we will email you with publication information once we post your work.

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For this exercise, you will evaluate one of several preselected websites. Choose from the options available in this pulldown menu.

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Web Site Author's Reliability
List Author's Name
No name listed
Have you ever heard of this author?
Yes No

What are the author's credentials?

None listed

What is the sponsoring institution?

None listed
Have you heard of this institution before?
Yes No
Is the Site Up-to-Date?
When was the site first put on the web?

No date posted
When was the site last updated?

No update posted
Does the date matter? Yes No
Reason for Posting

Does the author state why the site exists? Yes No

What reason did the author offer for creating this site?
Why do you think the author created this site?

Opinion and Point of View

What point of view is expressed on this site?

What might have been omitted because of the author's opinion?
Can the reader trust this information to be unbiased?

Does the site present consistent information? Yes Usually No
Is the site carefully edited for spelling and grammar? Yes Usually No
Is this site: Accurate and Reliable? Catering to Popular Opinion?
Does this information seem complete? Yes No

What, if anything, did the author omit or ignore?

Final Analysis
Do you think your students would benefit from using this site? Yes No
Rate this site: 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars (5 is best)

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