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The Great Wall - A Virtual Tour

Take a virtual photo tour of the Great Wall of China. The photos give a glimpse of the massive construction of the wall. Good

History Of Mathematics In China

Includes an Outline of the History of Chinese Mathematics and a Chronology of Mathematicians and Mathematical Works. Good

How Shall We Rule China -  Role Play - Classroom Activity

Students must decide what options Kubai Khan and the Mongols face in establishing the Yuan Dynasty and ruling China in the 13thcentury. Sections: Materials, Aim, Objectives, Issues, Time, Procedure, and Roles. Good

Mysterious Mummies Of China

A companion site to the Nova special "The Mysterious Mummies of China". Sections: Takla Makan Mummies, Mummies 101, Digging Into Language, Resources, and a full Transcript of the special. Good


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