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Coins And History Of Asia    

Photos and descriptions of Asia coins from ancient and medieval times. Includes the date minted, the reigning emperor, the denomination and a physical description. Sections: Ancient and Medieval China; Chou & Qin; Western Han-Eastern Han; Three Kingdoms; Sui & Tang; Five Dynasties & Tartars; Northern Song; Southern Song; and Yuan, Ming & Qing. Good

Court Life In China - An Etext

This is the text of the book "Court Life in China" by Isaac Taylor Headland whose wife was the court physician to the last Empress of China. The book was published in 1909 and offers a glimpse of Chinese court life before the Revolution. Good

Dadu - An Imperial Palace

Information on Dadu, the capital city built by Kublai Khan in the 13thcentury near present-day Beijing. The site reconstructs Dadu and shows images how the site looked. Good

Dot-To-Dot - Making A Dragon

Connect the dots to make a picture of a Chinese dragon. Good


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