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Ancient China Index

A large list of links to information on Ancient China. Articles include:Artifacts, Archeology, Pyramids, Tombs, & Dunhuang Caves; Buddhism; Confucianism; Dragons; I Ching; Inventions & Remedies; Music; The Great China Wall; and much more. Very Good

The Ancient World Explorer - Space Invaders, Copycats Or Independent Inventors? -Classroom Activity

Students explore the ancient cultures of Mesopotamia, Egypt, India and China and learn how people lived in ancient times. Sections: The Task, the Process, Resources, Learning Advice, Evaluation, Conclusion and Reflection. There is also a teacher's section. Very Good

Around Tiananmen Square

Take a virtual tour of Tiananmen Square in Beijing with a 360[!]panoramic view of the square. Use the buttons at the lower left to move through the image. Very Good

Banpo Village - Gone But Not Forgotten - Lesson Plan

Students join a team researching the ancient Chinese village of Banpo, using artifacts to determine the daily life of the villagers. Very Good

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