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National Palace Museum

Located in Taipei, Taiwan, this large museum is dedicated to "preserving the 7,000 year old cultural legacy of China". This extensive site includes Collection Highlights, Special Exhibitions (online), Virtual Tours, Games and more. Excellent

Quick-Time China

Quick-Time panoramic views of historical sites in China such as Tiananmen Square, Ganqingmen, Wumen, Taihemen and more. Use your mouse to move around the 360[!]panorama or to zoom in or out. Excellent

Rivendell's East Asian History Page

Links to information on China. Sections include: Introduction, Chinese History Timeline, Historical Resources: Maps & Archeology, Chinese Culture Through the Ages, The Emperors of China, Articles and a Bibliography. Excellent

Searching For China

A webquest (with Teacher's Guide) in which students take on roles in a fact-finding team which will travel to China to investigate the country, people and culture. Excellent

Improve Learning, 2001