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Discover China

Three main sections:Hyper-C is a searchable database with a large amount of information on historical and present-day China. China Virtual Tours provide virtual tours with photos and text of The Forbidden City, the Yellow Mountains and The Great Wall. The China Experience is the gateway to a huge amount of information on Chinese culture. Outstanding. Excellent

Discovering China

By students for students, this site covers Chinese history and culture from 1839 to the present. Sections: History, Cultural Revolution, Movers & Shakers, Cityscape, Contributions and Interactive. The Interactive section has Quizzes on each section, Polls, Real Movies. a Message Board and more. The Real Movies section offers twelve video clips of locations in and around Beijing. Excellent

In Celebration Of The Silk Road - Classroom Activity

The Silk Road could be called the "world's first "Internet"" linking Asia to Europe and Africa. Students plan a display for the fictional "Silk Road Museum" to be built in China. Sections: The Task, the Process, Resources, Learning Advice, Evaluation, Conclusion and Reflection. There is also a Teacher's section. Excellent

Lesson Plans On China

An extensive list of lesson plans for teaching about China from ancient to modern times. Excellent

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