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China Window   

A gateway to a large amount of information on China today, its history, culture and arts. Sections include: Cultural Relic Show (a chronological history with photos of artifacts), Chinese Folk Arts, The World Heritage in China ( a list of World Heritage sites), Chinese Medicine, Suzhou Garden (the historic city of Suzhou), Shanghai Longtang (the historic city of Shanghai) the Nationalities Museum of Yunnan and Pudong Today (latest economic developments). Excellent


Another gateway site of Chinese and China-related sites. 8,500+ links to China/Chinese related Web sites, and updatde everyday. Arranged by general topics such as Chinese History, Chinese Leaders, Chinese Games, Chinese Language, Readings & Literature and much, much more. Excellent

Chinese Culture

A large amount of information on Chinese culture and history. Sections: Relicts, Arts, Folk, Historical Sites, History, Fengshui, Kung Fu and more. Includes Virtual Tours and Online Video. Excellent

Digital Photo Gallery - China

A large number of photos of Chinese sites. Sections: Wuxi; Hangzhou; Urumqi,Turpan; Dunhuang; Xi-an; Luoyang; Beijing; Shanghai; Suzhou; Yangtze River; Guilin; and HongKong. Excellent


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