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Web Sites On Ancient China
& Chinese History

Information can be printed or downloaded to your computer. Be sure to follow links to other sites and find your way back with the "Back" button. Note that a gateway site is one that is mostly links to a very large number of other sites on the topic.

Note also that the Taiwan sites have information about all of Chinese history and culture, not just for Taiwan. All of the sites listed were active as of March 12, 2001. The evaluation is by the Cumberland County AVA Center staff according to the amount of information given, the general appearance of the site and its potential use in the classroom.

Art Of China Chinese Vase

Information on Chinese culture. Sections include: Art; Chinese Music & Language; Scenery; The Taste of China (recipes); Zodiac; and Links. The Art section includes paintings, crafts and more. The Scenery section includes photo tours of major sites such as the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. Excellent


Emuseum's China site. Sections: Ancient China, Early Imperial China, Classical Imperial China, Later Imperial China, Map and Timeline. Excellent

China The Beautiful

A huge gateway site with over 1,300 content pages. A few of the sections are:4 Arts, Calligraphy, Dictionaries, Dragons, Emperors, History, Maps, Museums, Paintings, Poetry, Sounds and much more. An outstanding site. Excellent


Improve Learning, 2001