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Native Islander Gullah Celebration

Native Islander Gullah Celebration

St. Helena Island in South Carolina is one of the few sites in the US where the “Gullah culture” has been preserved. There are photos, details of Gullah culture, African culture and more. Excellent

Negro Baseball League Online

Official web site of Negro League Baseball, featuring the history of
the league, the teams, the players, a chat forum, links and more. Excellent

Netguide - Martin Luther King, Jr

Netguide section on Martin Luther King, Jr. links. Includes a timeline, speeches & writings, Places Associated with Dr. King, and an audio clip of the I Have a Dream speech. Excellent

Netnoir - The Black Network

A gateway site to many African American sites. Includes sections on Teens,
Family, Communities, Chat, Marketplace and much more. Excellent

Official Malcolm X Web Site

Malcolm X home page with biography, photos, bibliography, quotes and more.


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