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Art noir Showcase

Art Noir Showcase

Explores the art of African America, Caribbean America, Afro-Native America and
includes Brazil and Polynesia. Includes profiles of artists and displays some of
their works. Excellent

Big Daddy's Li'l Shelf Of Black Men In Literature

Links to web pages featuring African American male writers. Excellent

Biographical Profiles of Important 19th Century African Americans

Brief biographies of important African Americans in the 1800s. Includes Internet
African American History Challenge (quiz) with two levels. Excellent

Black History - Exploring African American Issues on the Web

Black History Hotlist, Interactive Treasure Hunt, Links. Excellent

Black People Resisted

An online exhibit on how black people resisted slavery in the U.S. Includes a
chronology of revolts and insurrections. Excellent

Black Power Points

A huge list of Black History web sites. Excellent

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