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African Heritage Architecture

African Heritage Architecture

Information on West African architecture. Contains excellent photos of traditional
buildings in Senegal, Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire. (Note: Each thumbnail photo
leads to several other photos). Discusses how this architecture can influence
architecture in the U.S. Excellent

African Science Before the Birth of the New World

An article discussing the discovery of sophisticated technologies in early African
civilizations. Discusses manufacturing processes, plant use, medicines, and visits
to North and South America before Columbus. Excellent

Afro-Americ@: The Afro-American Newspapers Page
An online newspaper with articles of interest to the African American community.
Includes a Kids Zone with fun and games, brainteasers, myths & fables, Discover
Africa and more. Excellent

Amistad Trials (Famous American Trials)

Very thorough examination of the Amistad trials with Maps of the Voyages,
Newspaper Accounts, Chronology, Biographical Sketches of Trial Participants,
Sketches of the Amistad, the Trial Record, Supreme Court Records and
Decisions, Letters and Diary Entries, Images, links and more. An outstanding site.

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