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MIGRATING WITH THE BIRDS A migration activity for the classroom. Very Good

MILK CARTON BIRD FEEDER How to make a bird feeder from a waxed milk carton. Also what feed to use and where to place it. Very Good

THE NEW ECLECTIC OSTRICH Facts about ostriches, Mythology, Photo Gallery, Links. Very Good

THE RAPTOR CENTER - LESSON PLANS 16 lesson plans for grades 4-8 focusing on ospreys and their habitats. Very Good

WINGED BEAUTY - THE BIRDS OF FINLAND Photos of the birds of Finland. Very Good

BABY BIRD MAZE A baby chick sitting in an egg. Print it out and follow the maze. Good

Resources gathered by the Cumberland County AVA Center. For questions or suggestions for future lists, please call #856-451-0817. February 2000


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