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BIRD JOKES FOR KIDS Lots of bird jokes for kids. Excellent

THE BIRD OF THE WEEK Information, photos and sounds of a different bird every week. You can also look up many other species of birds. Excellent

BIRDS N WAYS A guide to pet birds, pet parrots and exotic birds. Includes purchasing, species information, clubs, veterinary care, bird ezines, links and more. Excellent

BUILDING A BIRDHOUSE Everything you need to know to build a birdhouse. Includes dimensions for different species, materials, placement and more. Excellent

EAGLE WATCH A school sponsored site with a live camera overlooking an eagle nest. As of 2/22/00 there were two nestlings spotted in the nest. There is also a lot of information on eagles, activities and more. Excellent

HOMES FOR BIRDS Bird houses and house plans from the Fish & Wildlife Service. Excellent

NATURE SONGBIRDS IN COLOR AND SOUND Twelve color photos of familiar songbirds with audio clips of the songs of each. Excellent

NEW ZEALAND BIRDS Information on the birds of New Zealand; many of which are found nowhere else in the world. Includes a photo gallery of Endemic Birds, Native Birds, Introduced Birds, Extinct Birds, and English Index. Excellent

THE ORNITHOLOGY WEB SITE Articles, Photo Gallery, Research, Conservation, Alerts, Education, Resources and more. Excellent

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