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Access these sites from this page. Be sure to follow links to other sites and then find your way back with the "back" button. All web sites were active as of February 22, 2000. Links checked again and updated January 1, 2001.


Be sure to look at this New Jersey resource -
Cape May Bird Observatory

AMERICAN ROBIN - FIRST SIGN OF SPRING Information on the American Robin, a distribution map, online story and more. Excellent

BELIZE ZOO - BIRD VIDEOS Online videos of birds at the Belize Zoo including the Toucan, King Vulture, Jabiru, Scarlet Macaw and the Great Egret. Excellent

BIRD CLIPART Bird clipart including animated images. Excellent

BIRD EXTREMES Biggest, smallest, fastest, slowest. Lots of fun facts. Excellent

BIRD FEEDER FROM A PLASTIC MILK JUG Simple instructions for making a bird feeder from a plastic milk jug. Excellent

BIRD FEEDING RECIPES 8 recipes for bird feed using suet and peanut butter with seeds. Excellent

Facts about birds, FAQs, Photos, Resource Center. Excellent

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