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A tour of over a dozen sites from Ancient Egypt. Includes links to photos and information on Egyptian artifacts and to other sites. Good


Live the adventure as you make your way through the Pharaohs tomb. (Note: Click on Pyramid, click on doorway, scroll down through cheetahs to Welcome to My Homepage banner and click on it twice. Then you reach the main site. Yes, it's worth it.)A color, lively site with sections on The Pyramid, Ramadan, Fun for Kids, Egypt's Pride, and the Egypt Web Ring. The Kids section includes: Make Your Own Mummy, Design a Burial Chamber, Design a Pharaohnic box, Games to Download, Hear the Trumpet of Tutankhamun, Pharaoh Puzzle, See Your Name in Hieroglyphics, and See Egyptian Wildlife. Excellent


The official web site of Dr. Zahi Hawass, Undersecretary of State for the Giza Monuments and official archeologist for the Egyptian excavations.

A must-see site by the man who knows the area best. Some of the sections include: Site Management & Tourism; Kings and Pyramids; Interviews with Dr. Hawass; Newly Opened Tombs; the Tomb of Mes at Dahshur; the Intact Tomb of Iuf-aa at Abusir; Peak and Splendor of the Old Kingdom; Discovery of the Valley of the Golden Mummies; Opening of the Tomb of the Golden Mummies (photos from the TV special), Egypt's Celebration of the Millennium; History of the Conservation of the Great Sphinx, Restoration of the Great Pyramids and much, much more. An outstanding site for accurate information without romanticizing. Excellent

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