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Practical Classroom Applications of Current Brain Research

Kathie Nunley and Gene Van Tassell - This site is a practical link between current psychological and neurological research and education.

Paul Grobstein -
Eleanor A. Bliss Professor of Biology

Computational and theoretical neuroscience as well as the application of neurobiological ideas to educational problems.

Paul Grobstein - Serendip

Serendip is a gathering place for people who suspect that life's instructions are always ambiguous and incomplete. Originating in interactions among neurobiologists, computer scientists, business people, and educators, Serendip is both an expanding forum and a continually developing set of resources to explore and support intellectual and social change in education, in social organization... and in how one makes sense of life.

The Brain Project by Stephen Jones

A Web Project supported by the Creative Development Branch of the Australian Film Commission

Understanding the Brain
By Phillip Cohen

Educators Seek to Apply Brain Based Research

Applications of Brain-Based Research to Second Language Teaching and Learning: Part 1

Brain-based teaching and learning focuses on how the brain learns best and how language teachers can learn to understand and use this knowledge to help second language students learn quickly and efficiently.

How does understanding brain-based learning support the need for authentic learning?

Authentic learning is somewhat of a mystery to teachers. It must be more than projects and it must meet curriculum requirements set by individual schools. It needs to allow for a student's individual creativity yet fit into a timeline.|

Confused and frustrated? Feel like a circus performer juggling inclusion, diversity, learning styles, multiple intelligences and mind styles in your teaching methods?

How Do People Learn?

This learning theory is based on the structure and function of the brain. As long as the brain is not prohibited from fulfilling its normal processes, learning will occur.

Caine Learning - Home of Brain/Mind Learning

Why are we struggling in our ability to educate? The problem is that we have not yet grasped the complexity and elegance of the way the brain learns

An Interview With Robert Sylwester by Dee Dickinson

Dee Dickinson's interview with Robert Sylwester, Ph.D. first appeared in the newsletter MindShift Connection published by Zephyr Press.


This section explores how learning potential is enhanced. To see what the leading education, cognitive science, and other theorists have to say on the subject, please read on!

Teacher Tips

These came from students. Results from a student poll show these to be the top suggestions students have for teachers

Jensen Learning

Jensen Learning Corporation (formerly Turning Point) is a professional training organization founded by Diane & Eric Jensen. Diane was a former Teacher of the Year and Eric Jensen is the author of Brain-Based Learning and SuperTeaching.

The Brain Lab

How would it affect educational systems if everyone truly believed that the human brain could change structurally and functionally as a result of learning and experience--for better or worse? home page